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Top 10 reason why Malaysia is better than other country  

10 - Malaysia is free from major natural disasters! We do not have earthquakes, volcano eruptions, typhoons, twisters and blizzards!

9 - The internet is so slow sometimes it forces me to go out and have some sunshine before I turn to vampire

8 - We have beautiful crystal clear island and one of the top diving sites (Sipadan) in the world

7 - We have the biggest cave (World Heritage Sites) in the world that can accommodate few of Boeing 747.

The Deer Cave is named after the deer which frequented the cave and which native hunters pursued

6 - Malaysia Airlines won the "Best Cabin Crew" Awards for few times

5 - Malaysians are generally warm and friendly. In fact, we are in the Top 10 most tourism friendly countries in the world.

4 - Have the highest and the longest canopy walk in the world in more than 100 million years old of the tropical rain forest (Taman Negara)

3 - Rich with natural resources (Petrol/Gas/Balak/palm oil/rubbe/timber)

2 - Food - Enough said

1 - Malaysia is among one of the countries in the world with the most public holidays. Now I like that a lot! Haha!

Although Malaysia is not perfect, and no country in the world is, I still think the positive aspects of Malaysia far outweigh the negatives. It’s the only place I call home

The grass is not always greener on the other side. Let's appreciate our beloved Malaysia (^_^)

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